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Extend the power of NetSuite with CloudAnalytics

CloudAnalytics for NetSuite
Extend the power of NetSuite with CloudAnalytics.  Our advanced supply chain analytics platform is designed to help manufacturing and distribution companies simplify processes, reduce inventory, and increase margin.  It is built upon decades of real industry experience and integrates seamlessly with NetSuite.   
Let us fill in the gaps for you, no matter what your needs are.

Built for NetSuite

CloudAnalytics is a partner of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) and certified for meeting NetSuite's vigorous standards and best practices. 

Simple, yet powerful

Historical Analysis

Track historical supply and demand trends to identify the root cause of stock outs or excess inventory.

Seamless integration with NetSuite

wherever you need it


Build your future-state planning strategy into CloudAnalytics for easy exception management. Define your replenishment strategies and the system will give daily recommendations on new orders, expedites, cancels and deferments. Our alert-based system will also give recommendations on invalid master data and recommend new strategies for existing items.


Using the planning strategies you define, CloudAnalytics will generate daily plans for new orders, expedites, cancels and deferments. Easy-to-use drill-downs give planners and buyers the ability to easily investigate MRP messages and fix master data issues. Building trust in the system is what our design is all about.


Tie your execution to your daily and strategic planning with integrated shop floor scheduling and data collection. Two-way communication with the production floor ensures there's a tight feedback loop on production issues, and reveals opportunities to optimize your replenishment planning. Shop Floor Reporting and Capacity Planning, tie back into your planning parameters for optimal planning and execution.


Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning let's you incorporate market intelligence into your forecast and discover future constraints before they impact operations.  Meanwhile, the CloudAnalytics "Pull Methodology" keeps inventory investment low and supply chain flexibility high.


Hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics are available and are customizable to what's relevant to each business.  Users can easily filter down to what's relevant to them, eliminating the noise and focus on actionable data.  Alerting and historical tracking makes data easy to analyze and robust.


Consolidate all your operations improvement projects in a single, easy to use reporting platform.  All your project metrics roll up to various levels of the organization, keeping everyone from the supervisor to the CEO in the loop.  An easy-to-use, notification-based interface makes managing hundreds of projects easy to do.

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From Sales & Operations Planning down to the shop floor, CloudAnalytics can provide a fully integrated solution that gives you insights to optimize your supply chain and generate a ROI.

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